Life On Deployment

I never imagined myself deploying so soon after redeploying from Iraq. However here I find myself once again deployed to Afghanistan. To be honest I brought this upon myself. I could have sat this deployment out however I felt a sense of guilt if I was not to deploy with my team. I have now been in Afghanistan for over a month. I have to say I do not regret my choice. This deployment has gave me the opportunity to grow professionally and mentally. I would not say I love it out here, but I enjoy how close it has brought my team together. If you take all the terrorist activity and and the negativity out of Afghanistan, it wouldn’t be a bad place to visit. The mountains and some villages are beautiful. Most of the locals I have met are very welcoming, it surprises me how many locals want the presence of US Forces here in Afghanistan.

My days begin to blur from one to another and everyday feels like monday. Weekends are pretty much non existent. No days off makes work very redundant. However if I was to get a day off I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t know what to do with myself. I do got to say one benefit of a constant workflow is that days seem to fly.

The dinning facility leaves one with the want for food with some flavor to it. I mean I am greatful for the food provided. My soldiers and myself are always waiting on the next care package to come in the mail. Care packages from our families and friends usually come with good snacks and treats which can not be found here. Its like crhitsmas every time a package is received. Well I am off to save the world, until next time my friends.